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Sports Injury/Massage

                             is a multi-disciplinary clinic in Petersfield providing Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Sports Injury & Massage for a common range of joint and muscular complaints such as back & neck pain, joint stiffness, muscle tension and tension related headaches and general mobility issues and postural problems.

Our experienced practitioners will take a detailed case history, examination and report of finding, and where appropriate, provide you with a treatment plan, exercises, postural advice and life style changes to help you manage your complaint and make the best possible recovery.
We treat you on your first visit where appropriate and do not recommend lengthy treatment and payment plans.

Contact our professional and friendly administrative staff today to make your appointment at the clinic.

Tel: 01730 ​​267423

Email : petersfield@b2h.co.uk


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Tel : 01730 267423
2 Charles Street
GU32 3EH
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Join Our Team


We are looking for a part time acupunturist, osteopath or physiotherapist to join our team at the clinic.  Please contact the clinic to further details

We also have availability at the clinic for renting a room on a part time basis